Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Pasadena Bridge" by Belinda Del Pesco

Image reposted with the permission of the artist. Learn more about Belinda Del Pesco and her artwork at her website or blog. I previously wrote about two other works by Del Pesco on this blog, Sleep and She Never Liked Dresses, and just had to come back for more. I love how her images just dance up to edge of surrealism, but don't quite cross over. 

The bridge stands splendid, a marvel to behold, towering over a throng of colorful subjects. The tallest trees raise their green heads in greeting. Purple grasses wiggle, fiery leaves spill out into open spaces, while red pedals peek out of dark and distant corners to feel the sun. As we reach the pinnacle, a great cloud blooms above the grand bridge's altar like a white rose; a hypnotic, floral queen. 

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