Monday, August 25, 2014

"Sitting" by Roger Walkup

Image posted with the permission of the artist. More of Roger Walkup's prints can be found at his website and for sale online here. 

I wrote about another print by Roger Walkup during Naked July here. He mentioned that "Gretchen" (the woman depicted in this image) is the subject of many of his prints, including his Morning and Evening series. 

The woman sits on the floor, though there is an empty chair beside her. She seems engaged, perhaps in a conversation with someone cut off from our view. She prefers the floor. Why not, given what a bright and cheery pattern is found there. On the floor she can be closer to her her beverage. She can cross her legs without any restrictions. 

Note the cat whose head, chest, and paw jut out from the perch where he lounges. Often it's good to spread out, get comfortable, fill out the space with our true selves. 

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