Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Owl and Cat in Love, "Exploration and Discovery" (double page spread pages 21-22)

"Exploration and Discovery (parts 1 and 2)"
Woodcuts (reduction)
Each is 11.25" x 11.75" (image), 15" x 16" (paper)
Oil based inks on Sulphite Block Printing Paper 
Limited editions of 3 each

Cat examines the scattered skeleton of a lizard. Behind her, a mysterious stone hammer hovers. Owl munches on his latest prey while perched on brick wall ruins, hastily marked with the word "Oust." The dormant volcano which formed the island stands in the distance. Much closer, native eyes continue to watch the newcomers' every move. 

Hopefully this isn't getting too bizarre. Then again, it is a purely visual retelling of an over 100-year-old nonsense poem written for children, so, can it really get too bizarre? 

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