Monday, February 3, 2014

"Tree Shadows In Snow" by Walter J. Phillips

The Sorcerer leans, 
raises bony limbs, and casts
an indigo web.

Yet another snow day - what a gloriously, white winter we're having! I love this image from the great, Canadian color print-maker Walter J. Phillips; it reminds me of when the brooms come alive in Disney's Fantasia. I can even hear The Sorcerer's Apprentice music by Paul Dukas playing in my mind. The tree in the foreground's gesture is every bit as fearsome as the Sorcerer from the animated classic. And just as the mood is lightened by Mickey's buffoonery, the light and cheery colors add a bit of playfulness to this image. For more wonderful winter woodcuts by Phillips, be sure to check out this post on The Blue Lantern.

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