Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Swallows and Poppies" by Matt Underwood

Learn more about the stunning work of Matt Underwood at his website.

The interacting colors so playfully describe the light. Orange halos and dabs of red lunge forward and purple sinks, while green and blue stand a little straighter. A cool grey whispers from even farther beyond. Here is an economical arrangement of organic shapes. The bird at the top directs my eye into the scene. My gaze is gently caught by the highest flower, then zig-zags downward like a pinball, where it swoops across the back of another bird, and it shot back up toward the orangest flower. I rest a moment in the serene green rectangle in the right, top quadrant, then return to the action. I feel there must be a breeze because this garden is full of movement.

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