Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cats A-Z: U (Unsinkable Sam)

"Unsinkable Sam" 
6" x 8" (paper) 4" x 4" (image) 
Oil-based inks on white Subi paper 
Artist's Proof 
Available for purchase here. 

Unsinkable Sam

He is surrounded by waves, patiently bobbing in the aftermath of the Ark Royal's fatal plunge. Only a tiny raft of debris stand between him and a choking, wet death under the black abyss. And yet, his expression is calm. He looks out at the viewer as if casually greeting us. Of course his attitude is relaxed. After surviving the sinking of the Bismark and Cossack, he has grown confident that he truly does possess nine lives.

Unsinkable Sam was a German ship's cat named Oscar who famously survived the sinking of three military vessels in World War II. It is possible that his inspiring story is a myth, but whether true or not, he is a symbol if good fortune despite perilous circumstances. 

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