Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Sick Kid"

White line woodcut
Watercolor on Stonehenge paper
6" x 8" inches (image)

I taught my first white line woodcut workshop these past two weekends. (If you're curious about what white line printmaking is, check out this excellent, illustrated description.) Met a lot of kind, creative people, enjoyed myself, and learned a lot about how I can improve on the class. Check out some of the students' work on my website. 

Since I purchased some new liquid watercolors that I thought might be more practical for teaching a short-term workshop, I tested them out by making this little demo print. I did three different color versions, and unfortunately each one had strong and weak elements and none popped out clearly as the strongest image. In the end I decided to post this version to this blog because I feel the overall color and composition works best in the abstract. That said, I think it is too bright and cheery to fit with the subject matter and what I wanted to convey (I was going for more warmth and hope, and this is more a day at the circus.) The intensity of the green couch especially bothers me. But hey, that's the beauty of making prints - I can always try again with the next version.

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