Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Dinosaur and Embryo" by Arthur Hughes

Image reposted with the permission of the artist. More about Arthur Hughes and his work can be viewed at his website here. Specifically, the rest of his bone studies done from the Museum of Natural History in 1967 can be viewed here.

While the overall shapes convince my rational brain of vertebrae and an embryo, certain characteristics in this print defy that interpretation and cause my imagination to run wild. The lines in the bones seems just a bit too wiggly. The embryo almost seems to have a mohawk of hair. And what does the black circle represent? The more I look, the more I see a leafless tree that bends down beneath a black sun under the weight of some horse-like beastie. Maybe the beastie is a dragon whose wings have been clipped. Perhaps he, the tree, and sun are facing demise. Ah, I've come full circle, back to death. But don't we always ultimately end up there?

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