Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Rolling Tabby"

Four color reduction
11" x 16"(image) 12.5" x 18.5" (paper)
Oil-based inks on Kozo paper
Edition of 4 plus one AP in a slightly different color scheme

Sasquatch is my most beautiful cat, but no one would ever know because he always hides when they enter my home. He's the most beautiful because of his stripes of all thicknesses and lengths, similar to woodgrain. As if they were living beings in their own right, Sasquatch's stripes stretch and retract, flex and loosen as he runs away. It is hard to say what color his coat is. Salt and Pepper? Silver and black with hints of caramel? The darkest parts glisten in the light. The thick fur on his tummy (rarely seen) is certainly lighter, tan perhaps, because the purest white is reserved only for his chin and feet. I cannot coax Sasquatch out from under the bed to show him off to guests, but at least I can carve his likeness out of wood. I can print his ghost-like image on fine, handmade paper, and I can even have him posed rolling on his back shyly exposing his soft underbelly.

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