Friday, November 26, 2010

"Kana" by Lynita Shimizu

Reposted with permission of the artist. More about Lynita Shimizu and her artwork can be found on her website here.

I am simply in love with this image. This rosy-cheeked child softly emerges out of the warm colors of her surroundings. I feel myself sink into her dark brown eyes and hair. I'm pulled out again by her pink shirt and aqua pants that visually pop in contrast to the yellows and move the eye around with their child-like patterns. Not only do the colors radiate, but the textures of the wood bench and slatted wall teem with suggested movement. The child sits on the edge of her seat, one delicate foot poised to slip into an over-sized shoe. The brush she holds also seems too large for her tiny hand. She is cornered, intensely gazing at her viewers and about to move on from this moment of innocence.

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