Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Girl in a Forest", unsigned

Girl in a Forest
woodblock print
31" x 14.5"

She thinks she's ugly.
In a way, she is. Thin lips,
Weak chin, flat chest,
Dark, bushy eyebrows on
Pale skin. I mean
She doesn't have much
Conventional beauty.
Boys her age will never
Gush over her looks.
She's the kind of girl who'll
Really come into her own
In college. Maybe
High school if she's lucky.
She's not just "smart" or
"Funny" or "sane."
Her fingers are long enough to
Play Chopin's Fantasy Impromptu
She wears her heart on
Her sleeve, and a blue beehive
Wig to the junior high dance.
Conventional beauty is like
Sidewalk chalk. What she has
Is chiseled in stone.
I tell her this, in so many words,
But right now she can't
See the forest for the trees.

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